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Need a home that suits your lifestyle, but you don't know where to start?

We understand that upgrading your home involves an unknown process and cost.


That’s why the Platform Architects Team created a system that guides you throughout, keeping you in control of your budget while we create your dream home.

House Peens

Off Grid Sustainable New Home

Design & Build

Groot Brak, Western Cape

Completed 2020

"I am very happy with the

overall experience I had while designing and building my new home. Platform Architects's attention to detail was very helpful."

Johnny Peens

Thank you for a friendly, professional and thorough service regarding the Project Analysis. The input and steer that the analysis provided answered all my questions.

Tshego Rhapala

The Platform Architects Difference

Architects in Gauteng and Western Cape who value your needs

Do you need to upgrade your home? We completely understand if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the complicated process, or the cost, involved in building or renovating a home. That’s why our team of architects based in Gauteng and Western Cape developed a process that gives you the power to choose!

We’re one of the few home architects in South Africa that have completely taken the mystery out of building or renovating! Thanks to our unique approach you no longer have to be intimidated by the complicated design and planning process. Because we understand your concerns, we examine your specific needs from the beginning by conducting a Project Analysis.



Our diverse portfolio includes renovations and builds in various shapes, sizes and locations. Each homeowner has his or her specific needs, and we’re proud to know that we’ve helped create beautiful comfortable homes for many homeowners in Gauteng and the Western Cape! Take a look at some of our work and you’ll see that we’re one of the most innovative South African Residential Architecture Firms!

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Start Your Journey with us

A Step-by-Step introduction

Meet & Greet

Click on “Book your Free Meet & Greet” 


You will receive a confirmation notification, and a member of our professional team of home architects in South Africa will get in touch to set up a time to come and give you advice at your property.

Book a free Meet & Greet to get started!

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Elzabé Meiring
Project Analysis

We believe in taking a strong research approach to design. Practically that means we investigate and analyse the design ‘problem’ from three different angles. As an experienced South African Residential Architecture Firm we know our stuff!

A project analysis takes a closer look at:

  • financial

  • legal and spatial

  • your individual needs​

This low cost, low commitment analysis will give you a roadmap for your project going forward.

The Project Analysis gives you the peace of mind that you’re taking the best route when it comes to your investment.

What happens after the project analysis? We move on to the design phase! Or, if for any reason you decide not to continue on your journey, we stop the process.

No hassles. No fuss.

Design & Plan

Now that you’ve signed up for your project packages, and we’re familiar with the scope of work needed, your budget, market value, spatial constraints and your unique needs - it’s time to design!


During this phase our expert local architects and interior designers in Gauteng or the Western Cape (depending on your location) will design your dream home and plan for its construction.

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It’s up to you how involved we are in your building process. You have the option to enlist our services as Contract Managers, or you can conduct an Owner Build. Either way, we will equip you with our educational online resource system, and we can also connect you with one of our approved contractors and interior designers. 

This will be an easy decision to make once we’ve conducted your Project Analysis. If you do choose to have us manage your project, you can rest assured because we’ve built up a solid reputation as a South African Residential Architecture Firm. Our team will do an excellent job managing your build!

Move in

It’s time to enjoy your new dream home! We’ll bring the bubbly!


Package Fee Structures

You choose how we partner with you to build your dream home

What do all the top architecture firms in South Africa have in common? Yes, their design work produces striking and functional buildings, but they’re also known for their innovation. And when it comes to pricing we’ve taken an innovative approach. 

We don’t charge you per square meter, and we don’t charge you a percentage of the construction cost, instead we’ve developed different packages that give you all the services fees up front. This gives you a great idea of what you’re in for cost-wise before any work is done.

Why we work differently

We prefer to add value and be realistic

Don’t become a statistic! Did you know that 50% of architect-designed homes are never built? That’s because often a realistic budget is not kept in check throughout the design process. A great design does not always make a feasible project! 

Avoid this becoming your story by hiring us. Our package pricing structure will ensure you don’t fall into the 50% that don’t succeed. Why? Because you will know what to expect from the project before ground is broken, ensuring that your home will be built as it was designed. 


House van Zyl

Hartenbos, Western Cape

Completed 2019

This is what sets us apart from other home architects in South Africa. We’ve created various service packages to suit projects of different types and sizes. This helps eliminate client confusion. Have you ever dealt with other architects in Gauteng or the Western Cape and left the interaction feeling confused or nervous about the project cost?

That won’t happen if you work with us! We have developed a fixed service package system that can be scaled up or down to match your project size and detail design needs. Rest assured, nothing is too simple or too complex for us! We’re an experienced South African Residential Architecture Firm. We take pride in each and every one of our projects, and we give each one the same level of professional attention.

Whether you’re looking to renovate, or to have a new home designed and built you’re in very capable hands when you come to Platform Architects! Our team of experienced architects approach each home renovation and new build with enthusiasm, creativity and determination.

We offer various packages depending on the scope of your project!


No home architecture project is too small or too big for us! We specialise in extremely small homes (around 50-150m2), as well as very large ones (around 1200m2) and anything in between.  

Multi-Unit Housing Developments

If it’s your first time consolidating a few adjacent properties or developing a residential complex it can be overwhelming. Well, you’ve come to just the right architects in Gauteng and Western Cape! We would love to help you turn your vision into a reality. We’ve got experience in doing feasibility studies and creating residential complex designs, and we look forward to helping you action your plans.


And it all starts with a Meet & Greet followed by our Multi-unit Development Analysis - this comprehensive analysis will function as a fantastic feasibility study, and will arm you with all the information you need to make decisions related to your build. We even provide you with an ROI and future value projections on a variety of development options for your property!



We work throughout South Africa as experienced Home Architects

We have completed projects  in Midrand, Centurion, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, George, Mosselbay and the Garden Route. And we are adding more areas everyday

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