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House 14

This home is completely off grid as there are no municipal connections available on site. It’s situated 100m from the ocean 25m above sea level, and to access the site we had to build a road up to the home!

We designed greywater and rainwater catchment systems and included solar panels for electricity, while a service room that houses a generator and backup batteries was also created. Additionally, a water filtration system had to be incorporated into the design itself. The roof had also to be orientated (pitched) so that solar panels can have maximum sunlight, and it had to allow for rainwater to run down. We ensured that all appliances, lights and electrical components are low energy, ensuring that everything would work together. 


Built to be low maintenance, there were no steps/stairs included in the design. An indoor fireplace was included. Platform Architects conducted the contract managing of this build and coordinated the interior design, including sourcing furniture.

The home has been built so that there is the possibility of a second phase which will give the owner six additional rooms to the side that he can use to generate an income through short-term rentals (AirBnB). The owner’s side of the home is connected to the living space and there are two bedrooms available for private use, which can be cordoned off in the next phase.